Ooma Telo – A Revolution in VOIP Calls

Well it has been quite long since I last wrote over here, well travel, then catching up with projects and family have been the highlight of the last few weeks.

One interesting take back is the VOIP phone from Ooma (http://www.ooma.com/). Its just a hub that plugs into a broadband connection and provides a US number. Unlike Magic Jack (http://www.magicjack.com) and Skype To Go (http://goo.gl/U6yM) which require your computer to be on all the time, Ooma is just a plug and play into your network. It also allows a fall back to traditional landline (an additional monthly fee).

For a one time payment, it is an welcome addition to VOIP. 90% of end users will plug and play, however caution is that you plug it straight into your internet modem or router for best performance

Its inbuilt Quality of Service (QoS) feature enables high quality voice calls on slow DSL links, 384kbps. For faster connections, you can even have PureHD quality voice calls.

For those with more complex routing needs, you can configure Ooma with a static IP address or DHCP

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