Splitting a large XML file into smaller well formed files

As we get into the holiday mood it seems a rush in order to solve eminent problems that have plagued us throught the year.

One of the most popular data exchange and export formats is XML. While XML files provide a means of moving data between systems, especially legacy systems, an issue arises when you have to transform and import the data into a different system.

The biggest problem usually has to do with the size of the files, its very easy to export files of 100MB and larger, but processing of such large files becomes unwieldy. The need therefore arises to split the large file into smaller ones, while maintaining the well-formedness of the smaller files, plus control the size of the smaller files.

This seems to have been solved by the xml_split (http://tinyurl.com/2v9vm9f) which does exactly that.

Special thanks to Canonical for the tools that are making Ubuntu the fastest growing Linux distro

An excellent holiday gift


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