Options for Impact by UHMG instead of the GeNext Campaign

This was a comment on Albert Mucunguzi (@albertmuc) blog post Why UHMG’s GeNext Campaign is a Waste of Resources (http://almuc.me/blog/2011/12/why-uhmgs-genext-campaign-is-a-waste-of-resources/) but then I figured why not add my voice to those who think this is a waste of time and provide some “simpler” alternatives

Albert I agree with you all the way, infact China has had the 1 child policy for such a long time and yet they have one of the largest populations in the world, and infact they are a power to be reckoned with due to that.

My suggestions for UHMG (Uganda Health Marketing Group) is to focus on our major problems:

a) Maternal Mortality – 25 mothers (recorded) died on Xmas day alone what is to happen to their children

b) Child Nutrition (below 5 years) – focus on how we can improve the nutrition of our children using available foods and resources

b2) Primary School Child Health – teach kids how to wash their hands, gain access to toilets, better feeding for school going age (given the constraints on funds and resources) so cannot be a one size fits all for the whole country but tailored diets for different regions within the country

c) Adolosent Health – sexual activity is a problem, then support Marie Stopes to market the Life Guard condoms better, but help the teen agers eat better. Make healthy eating hip and the thing to be …

d) Family Health – teach families how to eat better within given budgets, work with Rotary, Mother’s Unions and localized support groups to teach these things, hell I can even help here lol!!!

e) Contraceptives – provide easier and more convenient access to contraceptives for mothers, give them out free if you have to, its a better solution to the large families to those who could otherwise want smaller families.

Thanks Albert for taking the lead on this …


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