New Year – Outlook Ahead

April 4, is finally here, well my birthday of course, and its a day I look forward to, reflect upon and reinforce my commitments for the year. Well it started very well, 5:50am with a birthday song from my wife and daughters, the screaming wokeup my son so he too joined in the festivities.

I am growing old but those people make my heart swell. I have been down with a flu for the last 2 days, so stayed home in bed on Monday, moved a little on Tuesday, so I got time to reflect think about the path that brought me to this day, and where it is leading me as we go along.

This year I am meant to balance family, career and networking, a tough call, but hey who said that life is easy? How am I doing on my 2012 Todo List, not bad for the first quarter of the year and I intend to pick up the pace.

I have received a multitude of wishes from a huge collection of people that I know, have interacted with, and I am humbled that each one of them would take the time to think about me. But like my old school motto goes “Gakyali Mabaga” translated to mean “It is only the beginning”, well lets start the journey further into old age.

What have I learnt, that I am a geek at heart, I love challenges and solving problems, tough problems, I enjoy new knowledge I seem to be picking up a lot each day that passes. I love data when I see it my heart jumps up in joy, anticipating the road ahead. Most of all I enjoy talking to people, especially being the bridge between techies and business people. So I now have to turn that love into a marketable skill which can be used …

The journey continues …


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