Databud – Startup Weekend Kampala – April 27 to 29

I will be attending my first startup weekend in Kampala, on April 27, 2012 to April 29, 2012 and well I thought that why not share my pitch and get advice on how to refine it. No idea is great unless shared right?

In the absence of #opendata in Uganda, there is a whole lot of data locked up within individual government systems, documents, in non standard formats which needs to be unlocked, the data set free so that it can grow (Data Bud) – the data buds and grow

A picture is worth a thousand words right – below is the whole concept

Data Bud Concept

Data Bud Concept

Comments, additions, advice? Looking forward to seeing ya this weekend


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  1. Open Data. i love the idea. Only one thing to note is, governmental organisations will look at the project in the wrong way. We have been running after the same thing but only with Map data sets but it took us some time for the government to understand the real out come. Besides, after that, some people will request for some real money.

    Another problem is the fact that most of the data is no hard-copies, you need to stage a work force to help you convert to soft, which is more flexible.

    Good Luck, my friend



    • Thanks Ben, I am initially focusing on data sets that are already in the public domain, so that by the time I attack the agencies, I already have something to show and a working model



  2. Interesting.

    Been looking out for open datasets from Uganda to little avail. Will be following this project.



  3. Posted by Boyd MIGISHA on May 1, 2012 at 08:08

    data from different organisations??
    are we talking gov institutions and corporations??
    how will the data be organised??
    ION: awesome idea!



    • Boyd,

      The initial thinking is that we start with data from government institutions, which they already make available to the general public through newspapers and their websites then later add datasets from corporations as an when its made available




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