Geek Tools – My Keyboard Journey

As a software engineer my days and nights are driven by the need to type instructions for a computer to execute into text files. Thus the keyboard is my primary tool for this input.

My primary workhorse over the last couple of years has been a MacBook Pro laptop and now majority of the time, I use it in clam shell (closed) with an external monitor and mouse. An external keyboard is critical in this mode, so sharing my journey over time

Regular Computer Keyboards

I started with the DELL Keyboard and it just works when you need it

Apple Keyboards

I purchased the full wired keyboard and the Magic Keyboard 2 – these are excellent low profile keyboards for use anywhere and I would totally recommend them. The full wired keyboard is best for a fixed location, while the Magic Keyboard is a lightweight travel friendly keyboard with great battery life, can be used during charge and the key responses are excellent, though I find it a little low and hard on my hands

Logitech MX Keys

I started out with the MX Keys and later got the MX mini (as the full keyboard would not fit on my standing desk with the mouse), and I should say these are awesome keyboards. They are so alike, one just having a numeric keypad while the other does not. The build quality is excellent, feel bulkier and more solid the Apple keyboards, love the 3 computer switch capabilities by just pressing a key, and the travel is just right (like Golidilock’s porridge). They are priced similar to the Apple keyboards, but IMO they provide more value

Mechanical Keyboards

I have had the chance to try out the Keychron K6, and I love them – more travel than the MX Keys but love the RGB backlighting, and the tactile feedback. I am currently in search for a low profile mechanical to try out, with an eye on the Keychron K3, as I await feedback

I am also eyeing the Numpy Air75 ( and the Logitech MX Mechanical Mini ( that is before I start building my own custom keyboards …

UPDATE – September 2022: I got myself an RGB backlit Keychron K7 with Gaeton brown switches (which are very quiet) and I am in love. However I should have purchased the K3, which I am looking forward to so that I have the extra line of functions without needing to keep pressing the Function switch keys

UPDATE – April 2023: I finally got my hands on the RGB backlit Keychron K3 with Gaeton brown switches plus the extra line of keys, I am sooo in love.

Keychron K3 (bottom) compared with the K7

Split Keyboards – The Bucket List

These I have on my bucket list with leading the pack – will see if 2022 gives me the opportunity to try this type of keyboards out

What is working for you, do share your experiences and ideas, I am a work in progress and continously experimenting to find those tools that make me happy


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