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2012 – Todo List

Updated: 01/05/12 – a friend suggested that I better make my tasks SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Timely) so I have added items in italics where I think I was not SMART

Well a new year is upon us and many resolutions have been made and will be broken before the first half of the year is done, so what does one do. Well based on a post by @XSTROLOGY whom I follow on twitter, this morning:

  1. #Aries need to make wish lists. With your abundant energy, having a focus list will get you the things you want fast!
  2. #Aries can imagine anything and invoke the inner power to make it a reality.
  3. #Aries knows how to get shit done.

So it seems that I will need to build a list of things to get done this year. What sections, what categories, so I am sticking to only two: Family and Career so that I can make the best of this year. And I am limiting to only 10 items here goes


  • Spend at least 3 weeks with my kids – dunno how I am gonna swing this, but hey I have the whole year to do this. These  exclude Sundays (have been working 6 day weeks)  so these include afternoons or mornings when we spend times together
  • 4 special things for my wife
  • Pickup a sport – squash or lawn tennis and spend at least 240 hours this year (assuming 3 hours per day those are about 40 sessions) 
  • Run the 10km marathon under 1 hour – took 1hour 45 minutes at my first try 2 years ago


  • Certifications – Zend Certified Engineer and Zend Framework Certification + MySQL Certified Developer and MySQL Certified Administrator
  • New Frameworks – Zend Framework 2 (currently in Beta) and Symfony 2 and use each for 1 working application whether client or personal 
  • New Version Control – GIT and use it for one working application
  • Continuous Integration Server – PHP looking at Travis and deploy 1 working application
  • Take part in one app competition as a developer and/or mentor
  • Contribute 100 lines of code and 100 forum responses to at least one open source project

Hey is that not a long list of 10 items now to get working on it …

Update: March 1 – instead of 100 forum posts I will be gunning for a 5000 reputation on Stack Exchange (


MTN Kampala Marathon – 2010

After the MTN 2010 Marathon The reality is that I need to train for the next one.

I am still waiting for the official stats for my number 11528, but my first marathon was an experience

How did it start, well I woke up at 5.30am, because I thought we were setting off early at 6:00am. I was at the starting line by 6:15am, fashionably late, but I walked around and met a few of my friends saying hello and warning everyone to memorize my number because they would be looking at my back all the way to the finishing line.

The 42km and 21km races set off first, at about 7:00am and 7:30am respectively.

The start of the 10km race was like the release of hundreds of spanish bulls from their pens into the streets. There was a bit of jostling here, and there, but the race was on, pushing the race to the next point.

Into Kololo we ran, down to Lugogo bypass near Kati Kati restaurant, the corner of the first water point. By the time I got there, it was like a tornado had hit, but I got a sponge and bottle of water to cool the body, I had not trained remember. I walked quite a bit, ran when I could, off into Kamwokya.

By the time I got to the Uganda Museum, the muscles were screaming for me to stop, my only path was forward to the end. I had to cross the finish line. When I saw the 7km marker, I was in shock I thought it should have read 10km, but I called up superhuman strength to keep putting one leg after another.

Into Yusuf Lule, then Golf Course, I was happy to hear the music since I knew the end was near. Finally I crossed the finish line, I could not believe that I made it. I had really got into the final stretch, I helped a friend over the finish line, and there I was.

My whole body ached like I had been hit by a truck, but I had finished the marathon. The rest of the day was a social and business event, made a few contacts and I enjoyed my self a lot.

MTN Uganda, well done, it was a lovely event and we had a lot of fun, especially we who run for fun.

Till 2011, I will aim to reduce my time for the next event

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