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Agile driven requirements wishlist for Integrated Telcom Service Provider Packages

I am constantly frustrated by having to remember voice, data and SMS bundles not only for my own use but for my family and dependants, and I am envious of family data plans in the rest of the world.

Being an agile practioner here is my user story

As a telecom service customer I would like to purchase and track a single package for the users in my household and dependants

Acceptance Criteria

  1. The package includes the following services at a minimum
    • On-net voice calls
    • Off-net voice calls (same country)
    • SMS messages
    • Internet access
  2. All phone numbers on the package use the services transparently
  3. The package is paid for monthly, with the ability to purchase additional optional services as need
  4. Ability to add and/or remove numbers at will
  5. Ability to pay for additional batches of numbers e.g., 5 numbers – the service fee helps the telecom cover losses due to the service discounts
  6. Weekly and monthly payment options – to help manage cash flows
  7. Generation of tax invoices for the service payments
  8. Web/app based monitoring of service usage broken down to a daily usage
  9. Ability to set usage thresholds for all user at least 2 levels – I know individual thresholds may be difficult so nice to have
  10. Reminders to pay for services before they expire

What do you have on your wishlist for your telecom provider?


Lockdown & Post-Lockdown Work Thoughts

On Thursday May 28, 2020 we were informed that it was time to return to working from the office starting Monday June 1, 2002.

Initally I was in shock looking at the traffic situation in Kampala, that was happening from the partial lifting of the travel ban, from Tuesday May 26, 2020 after almost 2 months of lockdown. I would say I am one of the lucky ones, I was ready for the lockdown, having setup my own little office in a corner of the house, complete with a table and working chair plus a steady Internet connection so I was in heaven for 2 months.

I got the equivalent of the Monday blues, that many people face, I for one love Mondays as the first day of the week and my first chance to be awesome :-). I felt sick thinking of what I would be doing in the 2.5 hours commute time, how more productive I would be and what else I would be doing.

However on further thoughts maybe that is not so bad, after all now its a chance to alter my schedule, and include forced breaks which are my commute, and suddenly things do not feel so bad afterall. I remembered that I am the eternal optimist, always looking for the silver lining in the dark cloud, so probably this is it.

I am so looking forward to Monday, its amazing how perspective and attitude are important in how we respond to the only constant change

Well it is a new day, Friday my 3rd favorite day of the week, woke up at 3am and failed to go back so I decided to start my day early after all it is now a luxury to be savored and enjoyed

What are your back to work, new normal experiences

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