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Browser Wars – 2011 Q1 Edition

Yeap, I have just upgraded to the new Firefox 4.0 b12 and it seems to bring Firefox back in the browser race which was being dominated by Google Chrome ( and Internet Explorer 8 with 9 coming back

I have always been against Firefox for being  a memory hog, blame me for running many plugins in my install, but I am not patient enough to have multiple profiles. The beta is fast, and it seems a marriage between Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome.

I hope that the release cycle speeds up since Chrome seems to have the advantage in that area. My browser usage now stands as follows:

  • Firefox 4.0 b12 – RSS feed reader, web development (Firebug, Web Developer, YSlow, Google Page Speed)
  • Internet Explorer 8 – browsing since this is the default browser on my computer
  • Chrome – still used for a lot  of my browsing, though its now competing with Firefox for browsing time

That’s all for Q1, I will be back in Q2 with another update

Browser Wars 2010 – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome

Almost 85% of the Internet population uses the top 3 browsers which are as different as they are similar. I do love and hate each of them in their own ways.

Internet Explorer

  1. Has improved since IE 6 which as a web designer is the worst thing that happened to the Internet
  2. IE 8 I like, its fast, however it provides no debugging features, error messages are cryptic. It seems standards compliant yet breaks without warning at each HTML or Javascript issue.
  3. The Inprivate browsing mode is great and is the default mode that I use on shared computers since “nothing” is kept when I close my session
  4. The development cycles are too long, we are waiting for IE 9 beta, not sure what changes are coming in just waiting to see


  1. Nice, fast, speedy, uncluttered, can handle many tabs without crashing or consuming all the memory
  2. We are already at version 8, I think this development is too fast for me and a bit creepy


  1. The swiss army knife which consumes so much memory that it always brings my computer to its knees
  2. The addons are to die for Brief, Firebug, Google Page Speed, Yslow, Web Developer
  3. Fix the memory and speed issue and you will be come my #1 browser, till then I will just use you for RSS Feeds and Development

Safari, and Opera I do not use you enough to have an opinion …

Till later

  1. Hey we are at version
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