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Career Changes, New Opportunities and Challenges

June 2012 is here and well along with it comes some changes to my career (have not had any for the last 12 years), and while it brings up a host of new opportunities there is a swathe of new challenges too.

So where do I start, I have been leading a team of software developers, and we have grown over the years through blood and sweat, while it has been an exciting journey, it has been a tough one. An opportunity arose and I have now changed tracks joined Mercy Corps ( which is focused on changing lives through laser focused interventions which not only create a change in livelihoods, but are backed by an exit strategy for sustainability (which I find interesting, challenging and intriguing).

What will I be doing there, well I coordinating AgriFin Mobile in Uganda, a multi-year regional project to bring together partners to “bundle” financial and agricultural extension services to improve the yields and livelihoods of small holder farmers, all of which will be delivered via mobile technology. The press release for the program is here

In addition I will also be working to push technology to support the realization innovative program approaches that Mercy Corps is championing, to rephrase a common phrase “throwing bombs of IT innovations and solutions” and watching their effects.

And yes I intend to “Be the Change” 

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