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Wire Framing – Through the Years

Wireframing ( has been used as a quick prototyping solution to enable the exchange of ideas and discussions on look and feel features, between clients/contractors, visual designers/developers, etc.

We have used a number of tools through the years, from Microsoft Word to Microsoft Visio to Adobe Fireworks (graphic representations) or Photoshop, however the latest which has proven totally versatile is Balsamiq Mockups ( It is a mix of MS Visio and a graphics tool, but the hand drawn effect for the mockups provides that feel that this is actually a mockup not the final tool.

Exporting to PDF saves a lot of time since its a one-step package for the client. What I really miss is the ability to have annotations and notes on the mockups (which are not hand drawn), to explain different aspects of the design.

PS: What is especially interesting is that it is an Adobe Air ( and not a C/C++ based application.

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