Safari 5 Goodies – Different Browsers for Each Tab

I spend most of my day looking through different browsers to ensure our solutions look and behave the same in each of them. Typically I read my RSS Feeds in Firefox using Brief, debug pages using Firebug and Web Developer. BTW the new Firefox 3.6.4 feels a bit snappier than the previous one, but I will give it a few more days to see what happens.

I am now in love with Chrome, especially since I could move the default settings out of the default roaming profile so I do not have to keep watching the cached pages etc.

IE 8, is not bad but I use it as the default browser since its used by 70% of most website users as its the default browser in Windows. Opera and Safari have not been anywhere in the mix, but Safari is now close to number 4 since its used on the imachines 🙂

This morning I got a popup on my desktop that an update for Safari was available, I had forgotten when I installed it, but well I said yet, but also made a decision to leave out Itunes and Quicktime. I use VLC for audio and video, hence I think that I am a geek

The update and installation on my broadband connection were smooth and happened in the background without interruption, and after about 20min, I had forgotten about it, then the install was done.

On opening the browser, I was pleasantly surprised, it looked and felt alot like Chrome, including the placement of the settings and options buttons, but well I don’t know who had it first, but imitation is the best form of flattery. As I looked through the options, I saw an impressive list of user agents, so I said to myself, well will check that out when I have to.

This evening on my way out, I had to check on mobile and desktop website updates, and I though why not try the user agents. I tried Iphone, first and well the updates were there. I thought to myself, why not check out the Ipad and main website, in different tabs. Being lazy, I decided to open a new tab for each, and try a different user agent in each tab.

Wham!!! Almost like Smeagal seeing his precious (Lord of the Rings), each tab had a different user-agent, the mobile sites looked as expected. Now APPL I am impressed, u may be dictatorial, but this is a win for web developers. As I clear my desk, I say to me, and today has been a good day.


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