Joomla Nested Category Issues – Round 2 – Multiple Sections in Blog Layout

Well the problem still stands, my client has 3 levels of content and Joomla 1.5 only supports 2.

We have gone through most of the solutions:

  • Joomla 1.6 – totally unusable given the time and technical constraints,
  • Content Construction Kits (CCKs) like JSebold ( bring on more complexity than the CMS itself
  • Move to WordPress – interesting thought, we tried but the complex nature of the layout will require a lot of coding to bring it to life, we actually had a team member try this out

So we reviewed the client’s mind-map, and actually found out that although there were 3 levels of filing, the content was only located in two levels, so the to-level was a “faux” level and this could be simulated using the menus.

Now an issue cropped up, how do you display multiple sections in a blog layout. I give you a hint, use the excellent, I mean excellent News Show Pro GK4 module (

For a complete solution description, checkout the Q&A at StackOverflow –


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