Browser Wars – 2011 Q1 Edition

Yeap, I have just upgraded to the new Firefox 4.0 b12 and it seems to bring Firefox back in the browser race which was being dominated by Google Chrome ( and Internet Explorer 8 with 9 coming back

I have always been against Firefox for being  a memory hog, blame me for running many plugins in my install, but I am not patient enough to have multiple profiles. The beta is fast, and it seems a marriage between Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome.

I hope that the release cycle speeds up since Chrome seems to have the advantage in that area. My browser usage now stands as follows:

  • Firefox 4.0 b12 – RSS feed reader, web development (Firebug, Web Developer, YSlow, Google Page Speed)
  • Internet Explorer 8 – browsing since this is the default browser on my computer
  • Chrome – still used for a lot  of my browsing, though its now competing with Firefox for browsing time

That’s all for Q1, I will be back in Q2 with another update


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