Sean Kingston Show – Kampala September 2011 – From the VIP Stands for a First Timer

The long awaited Sean Kingston show in Kampala, finally happened on September 16, 2011. Long awaited as it was pushed from earlier in the year due to Sean’s accident.

Interesting enough was the buzz about his arrival, only got into town at 1pm on the day of the show, most people were preaching doom that he would not turn up as Akon had done the previous year, and it was a first in Kampala. Anyway the Nigerian artist Mr. Flavor had arrived a day before so the place was abuzz with anticipation and activity.

Personally, it was going to be my first show in a loooonnnggg time, so long that I had almost forgotten what the hassles were like. I was picked up by my date, yes, and we moved towards the venue, the Lugogo Cricket Oval via Lugogo by-pass. As expected the cars had parked for a mile away from the show venue, what as shocking was that the parking was orderly. First we were called into a parking lot next to the Engen Petrol station, but the ground was so bad we decided to try our luck in the Game/Shoprite parking, and shockingly enough there was parking.

The security was tight, as promised, but orderly with a visible deployment of the different colored police outfits and patrol cars moving around.

Twice shocked we moved to the VIP entrance, and another shocker. There was order, those with tickets would move straight through the gate, through the metal screeners, hand in tickets and get coupons for beer, water and soda, and of course the blue arm band for the VIP section. The tickets were printed by TicketMaster and the armband we later found out was a single use one which would only be “destructively” removed, so once its off u can’t move around.

Into the venue, the stage looked good, VIP revellers already seated on white plastic chairs, not sure if that’s a Ugandan thing, and across in the general section, it was packed with revellers and all u could see was movement like ants in a colony. Straight for food before, beer, very orderly, 4 serving points with well dressed security “ladies” and educated too based on hair type, body language and command of the queen’s language. 1 piece of meat, 1 piece of chicken, 1 sausage, I strange egg thingi, and that’s it. Wow!!! glad I was not indulging, coz I doubt if that would keep the alcohol at bay. ell done food but servings were abysmal.

Drinks were cold and in plenty, and did not run out at any time, can only imagine a beer company running out of beer at their biggest event of the year. And there was no line to get beer, at least the air on this side of the field was VIP.

Now the sound quality was lousy, seriously, but well what was done was done. Fast forward, energetic performances by selected artists, 2 songs a piece which was good. Then came DJ Aludah (forgive me if I have misspelt your name) and Mr. Hype. Now I was reliably informed of Mr. Hype’s role and it seems hez the best at it in town, by the time he was done we were warm all over, had jumped up and down a bit and ready for the next act. PS: BTW add a little more ragga next time for the old timers, as DJ Shiru 🙂

Next disappointment, ate Salvadore, and talking, and a Kenyan group!!! Don’t u guys know how to organize a show to keep guys hyped, the jokes were not bad, but we wanted to stay up there. This reminds me of when u are high and then u are forced to wait 1 hr for the next drink, u actually sober up and even start getting a hangover. Anyway after all that some presenter comes and starts talking about NTV and Login, anyway, I was lost coz I did not know wtf she was talking about.

Mr. Flavor comes on stage sings 2-3 songs then talks for 20min, do these guys know how to entertain or what!!! He has one number we know, and it takes 30 min to come… He got off then Sean Kingston came on, did a couple of numbers, not bad, as he was all we were waiting for.

Jumped off stage for a while, seemed he got pissed at guys throwing plastic at him. Anyway he came back, did a few more jigs, some golden oldies and the show was done.

My take:
– Excellent organization kudos to Club for well executed secure and entertaining show
– Local artists you gave ur all, the more competition for slots like this the better our quality will keep going up
– The food – good but tiny helpings, maybe next time, the quantities will be more to assist those who are gonna indulge
– security – tight, well-intentioned, polite, and made u feel safe despite all the AL Shabaab threats
– Music – have heard better
– Stage – okay, like I sayd this is the first in a long time
– DJ Aludah and Mr. Hype – u guys rock
– Mr. Flavor + Sean Kingston – u put up a good show
– Crowd – VIP crowd was well-mannered, I am sure the general crowd had a lot of fun
– Dress code – the chicks were dressed to kill, who said mini skirts were out of vogue, they were everywhere  in all shapes and sizes


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  1. So did you have fun? Oh should Sean Kingston come back and perform to make up for the rest of what you paid for the VIP section?



  2. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed now.



  3. Posted by Bridgette on September 19, 2011 at 19:40

    You’re the only one who seems to have enjoyed..



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