Sherlock Holmes @ The Hub Nakumatt Oasis Mall

It was a Friday evening, at the end of a long brutal and gruelling week, and all I was thinking of was going home to play with the kids then tuck in early before the weekend plans at ma parents. Just get home and start on one of the series which was pending was all on my mind then a colleage asks me via chat, what plans for the evening? I am going for Sherlock Holmes – Game of Shadows (, jokingly I asked got a ticket for me, and yes the answer came back. I had not been for a movie in quite some time, occupational hazards, and so I thought why not, I need to unwind.

Now that is something to look forward to, being a fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, having read all the adventures in a single compilation, I remember was about 1,090 pages, took me a few weeks to get through. Also I was able to get a copy of the TV series (link here) and I am currently on Season 4 of 6 seasons, yes you have to be wide awake to watch them.

I enjoyed the first one and I had seen the trailer and it looked well exciting, the slow motion effects first initiated by the Kowlolski brothers in the Matrix triology (, so I was looking forward to watch this one. It would also be my first movie at the Hub at the new Oasis Mall ( The Hub is well laid out reminds me of the cinemas in the US malls, spacious and the general decor was tastefully done. The popcorn machines were a little slow, but the popcorn was well done. The sodas were cold and those who needed something stronger well, the bar seemed well stocked.

So in we go and close to the front we sat. The volume was not bad just that it was a little diffcult to make out some of the words, but hey that is what u get for coming in late. The seats were comfortable and not torn or broken up yet (need to keep watching that for later). The room was cold oh yes, but I was in a long sleeved shirt so I would last through the movie.

Now the movie, okay where did all the time go, and it was over just as I started enjoying it. Was it too fast paced, not sure, but it seemed to lack some depth, I do not know maybe its the trend of movies nowadays. The dialogue was excellent, great, and well thought out the jokes coming out in tune with the time that we were placed. The action was good, but needed to be spread out more, since it only seemed that Sherlock and Dr. Watson had all the fun, along with the gypsy lady don’t remember her name, but her character was weak.

On yes the highlight of the movie, the chase through the woods when little Hansel was unleashed, the damage and chaos was a lot, so u do not get the impact, but was entertaining.

Dr. Moriati was well played, and the verbal exchanges between him and Sherlock reflected a deep animosity, respect for each other’s skill and the genius psychosis came out well, in a calm composed yet dangerous manner. Reminds you of a poisonous snake which knows that it is deadly therefore does not strike out until the timing is just right.

The plot came out, but it seemed rushed as there was so much happening at the same time, it seemed that the new characters did not have enough time to come to life. Maybe I am so used to watching series where there is time to develop a character, but my thinking is that some movies have to be made to be more timeless other the fanatical focus on commercialization ….

Funny parts are abound, Dr. Watson’s wedding ceremony with he and Sherlock bruised and battered, Mrs. Watson’s reaction to Holme’s nakedness was amusing, and the old butler (reminds me of Duckula’s butler).

Overall the experience at the Hub was not bad, phones were turned off so not too many interruptions, people did not walk in and out all the time. I would recommend both the movie and the cinema for an evening out.

Now I need to take the kids for a cartoon and see how that goes too.


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