Who is a “True African” Woman

This is from a Facebook note from September 2011, but being Women’s day today March 8, I figured well its worth commemorating.

This is what I know a “true African” woman is:

a) Tough As Nails – she tackles all the hardships, burdens that are placed in her path. They till the land, sell produce in the market, cook and distribute the food we eat, work hard in their offices (true, executives too)

b) Soft as Cotton – the toughness is reversed when they handle the people in their lives, with a tenderness that cannot be measured

c) Fierce as a “Mother Hen” – this is understating it, but they will do anything, and I mean anything to protect their brood

d) Smile like the Rays of the Sun + Laughter like Music – we all remember this as we see them

e) Energizing like “A cup of Fresh Coffee” – we the addicts know what happens here, but they energize you, and make u go the extra mile

f) Refreshing like a cool drink of water – all of u know what this means, ask the drunkards when they wake up on a Sunday morning after a long hard night

h) Resilient like “Water Hyacinth” – they just keep going on and on and on, hence the saying “Yajja nga kiddo”

This is inspiration from the tough women I have met in my life who make we men look like weaklings, big up to you


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