Women’s Day Reflections 2014 Version

Today March 8, 2014, International Women’s day, a day of celebration but most of all reflection on the role of women in our lives continuing from Who is a “True African” Woman?

On internal reflection, I accept that I have been blessed to meet many a strong woman in my life to-date, who have unwittingly, unknowingly influenced my life at specific inflexion points leaving me with no choice but to abide & achieve so as not to disappoint them.

When growing up, my mother of course was there, kind and unflinching, but tough in her own way tag teaming us with my maternal grandmother, a Reverand’s wife who gave her life to the Lord at 10, married at 14, had her first child at 24 (10 years later like Sarah), but who left this earth in 1996 the year she celebrated 60 years of marriage. My mother is a multi-faceted iron willed lady whose decisions are based in principle, and who ran a household with 10 kids at one time, all who were well fed and wet to school. Even up to-today, I still wonder how she managed to achieve what she did.

In Buganda, the sisters of my father, Ssenga, have the responsibility of grooming the boys, teaching them how to survive the treacherous pathways of life. Mine is special in that we are friends, colleagues, co-conspirators, partners in crime.

I always wanted to have lots of elder sisters so that they would dote on me, but having younger ones gives you a different perspective as a big brother. They are grown and provide counsel from their viewpoint of things which I appreciate and always take into account.

Professionally, I have to say that by far-and-large worked with some of most impressive women in all circles; starting from my first manager who while non-technical helped feed the flames of my technology curiosity, through colleagues that I recruited & mentored in the software shop that I practiced & horned my craft, via my NGO experience program director, through my former General Manager pair not forgetting my current regional manager who spurs me along day-to-day to scale greater heights. I will not forget those ladies I interact and work at clients & in the local and global tech community.

This post would not be complete without mentioning my friends whom I have met in my journey through life outside work and family. They totally prove the adage, educate a woman educate a nation each in their own unique way.

Obviously in closing there is my dear wife, who by and large is an extension of me creating a larger than life persona, tag-team, as we attempt to raise a family in the modern era while striving to preserve values in which we are brought up in.

A special thanks & best wishes to all the mothers out there, starting with my own (but of course), keep up the good fight because those you fight for appreciate even if we do not get the chance to tell you everyday.

To all those women who are out there, I wish you the best today, and every other day in the year, for you are the blood and spirit with which the world flows.


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  1. Cudos to the women who have inspired us!! All our mothers sound superhuman in retrospective… Going to be just like that1



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