11 Tools in my 2017 Bag

One month is down, so just wanted to share the tools that I am using in 2017 to get work done. I am writing a lot of software and documentation this year

  1. IntelliJ Idea Ultimate and Datagrip – I have licensed versions of the whole suite of IntelliJ IDEs, but I mainly use Idea for Java, HTML/CSS and Markdown editing. I use DataGrip as my primary GUI for data management.
  2. Simple Note – text based replacement for Evernote which now only works on two devices. It allows me to share notes across my devices, as well as share notes with others either via a web url or email based tagging
  3. Expensify – oh yes need to keep track of thos expenses for reimbursement without having to worry about having to find the original hard copies, that I keep in envelopes tagged by month
  4. Google Calendar – oh yes too many meetings, conference calls across multiple time zones, task list using the Reminder feature. Oh did I say managing across multiple email addresses for work and personal
  5. LinkedIn/Medium – my source of professional news and information that I need to keep track of professionally
  6. Dropbox – never to lose a file or a photo again. In addition I use Box.com with secure encryption for work, and Google Drive when my collaborators do not have any other option.
  7. Iterm 2 – a command line shell with multiple windows and lots of configuration options to replace the default MacOSX terminal
  8. Docker – I am looking forward to increasing my use of this container tech in the year to simplify environment setup and deployment
  9. Homebrew & Caskroom – the missing package managers for MacOS which allow the installation of gui and non-gui software without having to wrangle with paths and configurations
  10. Trello – task manager extra-ordinarie, loving the Powerups that allow integration into Slack, GitHub and other online tools …
  11. RunKeeper – need to keep track of my running activity with a target of 500km in the year

Bonus: Using a wireless keyboard and Apple Trackpad 2 seem to be giving me the aerogonmoic needs I require to fight against carpal-tunnel in my wrist


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