Different View: The Difference Between a Programmer, a Hacker, and a Developer

Insomia is not always a bad thing after all, I got to read Daniel Miessler’s article – The Difference Between a Programmer, a Hacker, and a Developer which I think is a good primer, but flawed in the assumption of formal education for developers.

My experience has been:

  1. A developer does always not have to be formally trained, however over time they have built experience and understand design patterns, architectural approaches, pragmatic decision making etc.
  2. A programmer – writes code and delivers it and hopefully over time grows into a developer.
  3. The hacker is a special being who writes code, solves problems but adds a creativity on top of that along with a passion and drive which is sort of “mystical”

My Venn diagram therefore looks like below:

Developer Programmer Hacker

Developer Programmer Hacker


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