Birthday Musings – High Noon

Snake in monkey shadow

I have made it, another trip around the sun, and I am a year older hopefully a little wiser, and it is a time to celebrate, but reflect and see look to what the future holds …

This year, this celebration is the high-noon of my life, I have lived through the morning – cold as the day starts with my birth, the teenage years as the 9am rays of the sun, and youthful exuberance that is 10am and 11am sunshine the best for getting your dose of Vitamin D to stay healthy. Now that it is high-noon, we at the equator with the sun overhead the shadow is a tiny spot a circle standing still, I looking at the past, present and peering into the future.

High-noon does not mean I am half-way my life, it just signals a turning point into what I am focusing on as I burst into the afternoon phase of my life, an opportunity to go for big hairy audacious goals with a long term thinking as time is my friend. The days of life are long so there is more to look forward to, work for and give to humanity

Thank you for all the love on this day…

Gakyali Mabaga


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