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Mozilla Firefox Updates – Now a Failed Experiment?

Okay now this is a ranting post … Mozilla decides that their development process for Firefox is too slow since Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer are eating their lunch …

So they made what I consider the dumbest experiment any software organization can do, copy a model and use it. I do not have a problem with the process just that:

  1. Increasing version numbers every 6 weeks – come on we had Firefox 3.6 at the beginning of the year and now we are at 9, at this rate we shall have FF 25 by the end of 2012. Remember with Chrome, the version numbers are not important at all
  2. Breaking extensions at each update. Firefox’s strength is with extensions, if they are unusable at each update WTF?
  3. Large update – 8MB for an upgrade from 8 to 9, what is in the update?

My advice for Mozilla is to use the approach followed by all other software development organizations, open source or not.

  1. Have a major release, maybe every year – this is where you introduce major features and can even break backwards compatibility
  2. Have minor releases every 6 weeks, this is okay, but make the update process seamless
  3. Simplify the update process – make it seamless so that we users are not expose to the vagaries of the browser versions …
  4. Ensure all our extensions work all the time, break them once a year but not once a week

I am still fighting to love Firefox, but Mozilla is making it hard and Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are improving fast ….


Safari 5 Goodies – Different Browsers for Each Tab

I spend most of my day looking through different browsers to ensure our solutions look and behave the same in each of them. Typically I read my RSS Feeds in Firefox using Brief, debug pages using Firebug and Web Developer. BTW the new Firefox 3.6.4 feels a bit snappier than the previous one, but I will give it a few more days to see what happens.

I am now in love with Chrome, especially since I could move the default settings out of the default roaming profile so I do not have to keep watching the cached pages etc.

IE 8, is not bad but I use it as the default browser since its used by 70% of most website users as its the default browser in Windows. Opera and Safari have not been anywhere in the mix, but Safari is now close to number 4 since its used on the imachines 🙂

This morning I got a popup on my desktop that an update for Safari was available, I had forgotten when I installed it, but well I said yet, but also made a decision to leave out Itunes and Quicktime. I use VLC for audio and video, hence I think that I am a geek

The update and installation on my broadband connection were smooth and happened in the background without interruption, and after about 20min, I had forgotten about it, then the install was done.

On opening the browser, I was pleasantly surprised, it looked and felt alot like Chrome, including the placement of the settings and options buttons, but well I don’t know who had it first, but imitation is the best form of flattery. As I looked through the options, I saw an impressive list of user agents, so I said to myself, well will check that out when I have to.

This evening on my way out, I had to check on mobile and desktop website updates, and I though why not try the user agents. I tried Iphone, first and well the updates were there. I thought to myself, why not check out the Ipad and main website, in different tabs. Being lazy, I decided to open a new tab for each, and try a different user agent in each tab.

Wham!!! Almost like Smeagal seeing his precious (Lord of the Rings), each tab had a different user-agent, the mobile sites looked as expected. Now APPL I am impressed, u may be dictatorial, but this is a win for web developers. As I clear my desk, I say to me, and today has been a good day.

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