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Tech Tip: Reducing pain while moving from Yahoo to Gmail

Its official that Yahoo has been hacked,, and it is time to make that change from Yahoo to another email address. For a free service, looks like Gmail is the best there is at this time.

My quick guide to reducing the migration pain is as follows:

Step 1: Start adding your Gmail to all correspondences and signatures, plus start giving it out instead of yahoo

Step 2: Setup your Gmail to start receiving email from your yahoo address see How to Access Yahoo! Mail in Gmail

Step 3: Respond to all your correspondences via Gmail

While the cut over is immediate, to get your correspondents will take some time to finally start using the new address, probably 3 to 6 months, so be patient


WikiLeaks – Is this turning into a civil war?

Just watching the countinued cat-and-mouse game between wiki-leaks, governments, and large corporations, its starting to seem like the beginnings of a civil war on the Internet, probably the first Internet world war.

ISPs, Credit Card Companies, Banks, Radio stations, individuals, are all being targeted. I am sure that underneath all of this the collateral damage to the grass (public) as the elephants suffer cannot be estimated until after the war has ended. The criminal activities that are being disguised as renegade acts to support the leaks are growing by the day?

What are we the Internet citizens to do at this time, should we just sit and watch?

Do we pack our bags and move? To where? When we depend on the Internet for most of our daily lives, news, information, livelihoods – buying, selling and work?

Where will this leave the Internet as a platform that brings the whole world together? Is Net Neutrality going to suffer?


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