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Life in the Tech Lane

I was recently asked to talk to a group of young technologists touching on career, health, finances and family. Using my own journey I am happy to share life in the Tech Lane

I am happy to talk to your teams on similar topics, or even software delivery related topics, so do get in touch

Women’s Day Reflections 2014 Version

Today March 8, 2014, International Women’s day, a day of celebration but most of all reflection on the role of women in our lives continuing from Who is a “True African” Woman?

On internal reflection, I accept that I have been blessed to meet many a strong woman in my life to-date, who have unwittingly, unknowingly influenced my life at specific inflexion points leaving me with no choice but to abide & achieve so as not to disappoint them.

When growing up, my mother of course was there, kind and unflinching, but tough in her own way tag teaming us with my maternal grandmother, a Reverand’s wife who gave her life to the Lord at 10, married at 14, had her first child at 24 (10 years later like Sarah), but who left this earth in 1996 the year she celebrated 60 years of marriage. My mother is a multi-faceted iron willed lady whose decisions are based in principle, and who ran a household with 10 kids at one time, all who were well fed and wet to school. Even up to-today, I still wonder how she managed to achieve what she did.

In Buganda, the sisters of my father, Ssenga, have the responsibility of grooming the boys, teaching them how to survive the treacherous pathways of life. Mine is special in that we are friends, colleagues, co-conspirators, partners in crime.

I always wanted to have lots of elder sisters so that they would dote on me, but having younger ones gives you a different perspective as a big brother. They are grown and provide counsel from their viewpoint of things which I appreciate and always take into account.

Professionally, I have to say that by far-and-large worked with some of most impressive women in all circles; starting from my first manager who while non-technical helped feed the flames of my technology curiosity, through colleagues that I recruited & mentored in the software shop that I practiced & horned my craft, via my NGO experience program director, through my former General Manager pair not forgetting my current regional manager who spurs me along day-to-day to scale greater heights. I will not forget those ladies I interact and work at clients & in the local and global tech community.

This post would not be complete without mentioning my friends whom I have met in my journey through life outside work and family. They totally prove the adage, educate a woman educate a nation each in their own unique way.

Obviously in closing there is my dear wife, who by and large is an extension of me creating a larger than life persona, tag-team, as we attempt to raise a family in the modern era while striving to preserve values in which we are brought up in.

A special thanks & best wishes to all the mothers out there, starting with my own (but of course), keep up the good fight because those you fight for appreciate even if we do not get the chance to tell you everyday.

To all those women who are out there, I wish you the best today, and every other day in the year, for you are the blood and spirit with which the world flows.

New Year – Outlook Ahead

April 4, is finally here, well my birthday of course, and its a day I look forward to, reflect upon and reinforce my commitments for the year. Well it started very well, 5:50am with a birthday song from my wife and daughters, the screaming wokeup my son so he too joined in the festivities.

I am growing old but those people make my heart swell. I have been down with a flu for the last 2 days, so stayed home in bed on Monday, moved a little on Tuesday, so I got time to reflect think about the path that brought me to this day, and where it is leading me as we go along.

This year I am meant to balance family, career and networking, a tough call, but hey who said that life is easy? How am I doing on my 2012 Todo List, not bad for the first quarter of the year and I intend to pick up the pace.

I have received a multitude of wishes from a huge collection of people that I know, have interacted with, and I am humbled that each one of them would take the time to think about me. But like my old school motto goes “Gakyali Mabaga” translated to mean “It is only the beginning”, well lets start the journey further into old age.

What have I learnt, that I am a geek at heart, I love challenges and solving problems, tough problems, I enjoy new knowledge I seem to be picking up a lot each day that passes. I love data when I see it my heart jumps up in joy, anticipating the road ahead. Most of all I enjoy talking to people, especially being the bridge between techies and business people. So I now have to turn that love into a marketable skill which can be used …

The journey continues …

Who is a “True African” Woman

This is from a Facebook note from September 2011, but being Women’s day today March 8, I figured well its worth commemorating.

This is what I know a “true African” woman is:

a) Tough As Nails – she tackles all the hardships, burdens that are placed in her path. They till the land, sell produce in the market, cook and distribute the food we eat, work hard in their offices (true, executives too)

b) Soft as Cotton – the toughness is reversed when they handle the people in their lives, with a tenderness that cannot be measured

c) Fierce as a “Mother Hen” – this is understating it, but they will do anything, and I mean anything to protect their brood

d) Smile like the Rays of the Sun + Laughter like Music – we all remember this as we see them

e) Energizing like “A cup of Fresh Coffee” – we the addicts know what happens here, but they energize you, and make u go the extra mile

f) Refreshing like a cool drink of water – all of u know what this means, ask the drunkards when they wake up on a Sunday morning after a long hard night

h) Resilient like “Water Hyacinth” – they just keep going on and on and on, hence the saying “Yajja nga kiddo”

This is inspiration from the tough women I have met in my life who make we men look like weaklings, big up to you

2012 – Todo List

Updated: 01/05/12 – a friend suggested that I better make my tasks SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Timely) so I have added items in italics where I think I was not SMART

Well a new year is upon us and many resolutions have been made and will be broken before the first half of the year is done, so what does one do. Well based on a post by @XSTROLOGY whom I follow on twitter, this morning:

  1. #Aries need to make wish lists. With your abundant energy, having a focus list will get you the things you want fast!
  2. #Aries can imagine anything and invoke the inner power to make it a reality.
  3. #Aries knows how to get shit done.

So it seems that I will need to build a list of things to get done this year. What sections, what categories, so I am sticking to only two: Family and Career so that I can make the best of this year. And I am limiting to only 10 items here goes


  • Spend at least 3 weeks with my kids – dunno how I am gonna swing this, but hey I have the whole year to do this. These  exclude Sundays (have been working 6 day weeks)  so these include afternoons or mornings when we spend times together
  • 4 special things for my wife
  • Pickup a sport – squash or lawn tennis and spend at least 240 hours this year (assuming 3 hours per day those are about 40 sessions) 
  • Run the 10km marathon under 1 hour – took 1hour 45 minutes at my first try 2 years ago


  • Certifications – Zend Certified Engineer and Zend Framework Certification + MySQL Certified Developer and MySQL Certified Administrator
  • New Frameworks – Zend Framework 2 (currently in Beta) and Symfony 2 and use each for 1 working application whether client or personal 
  • New Version Control – GIT and use it for one working application
  • Continuous Integration Server – PHP looking at Travis and deploy 1 working application
  • Take part in one app competition as a developer and/or mentor
  • Contribute 100 lines of code and 100 forum responses to at least one open source project

Hey is that not a long list of 10 items now to get working on it …

Update: March 1 – instead of 100 forum posts I will be gunning for a 5000 reputation on Stack Exchange (

Options for Impact by UHMG instead of the GeNext Campaign

This was a comment on Albert Mucunguzi (@albertmuc) blog post Why UHMG’s GeNext Campaign is a Waste of Resources ( but then I figured why not add my voice to those who think this is a waste of time and provide some “simpler” alternatives

Albert I agree with you all the way, infact China has had the 1 child policy for such a long time and yet they have one of the largest populations in the world, and infact they are a power to be reckoned with due to that.

My suggestions for UHMG (Uganda Health Marketing Group) is to focus on our major problems:

a) Maternal Mortality – 25 mothers (recorded) died on Xmas day alone what is to happen to their children

b) Child Nutrition (below 5 years) – focus on how we can improve the nutrition of our children using available foods and resources

b2) Primary School Child Health – teach kids how to wash their hands, gain access to toilets, better feeding for school going age (given the constraints on funds and resources) so cannot be a one size fits all for the whole country but tailored diets for different regions within the country

c) Adolosent Health – sexual activity is a problem, then support Marie Stopes to market the Life Guard condoms better, but help the teen agers eat better. Make healthy eating hip and the thing to be …

d) Family Health – teach families how to eat better within given budgets, work with Rotary, Mother’s Unions and localized support groups to teach these things, hell I can even help here lol!!!

e) Contraceptives – provide easier and more convenient access to contraceptives for mothers, give them out free if you have to, its a better solution to the large families to those who could otherwise want smaller families.

Thanks Albert for taking the lead on this …

New Family Addition

Easter came early as our family got a new member, so I will probably be more off over the next few weeks.

Welcome little man

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